Your Guide to Successful Framing in a Changing Industry

Framing is your specialty...the Framing Business is ours. Grow your business with proven marketing strategies.


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The days of creating a profitable custom framing business by focusing only on your craft are gone…

    Being too busy with framing can mean areas vital for success – marketing, pricing strategy, and expense control – can go unmonitored. That’s why KB Consulting has grown so fast. We know you’re busy. We know that “giving” you advice about what you “should” be doing isn’t what you need.
  • You need a partner to get the work done
You need someone with years of industry experience who has created programs based on “what IS working” in today’s changing market.
  • KB’s programs have been tried and tested
    Everything we use in our programs has been a part of Ken’s multi-time national award winning framing business, Framing Concepts. Ken’s programs include his on-going involvement to ensure you accomplish the goals you set. That’s why fees are not based on the time spent helping you!
  • Ken Baur will work WITH you
Years of industry experience and extensive ties to industry resources allow you to avoid mistakes and increase profitability.
  • Save time and mistakes by working with Ken

KB Consulting helps you create a profitable return so you can enjoy custom framing. Learn more about our programs!

Watch Larson Juhl’s interview with Ken Baur about the custom framing industry!

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